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What is the lewis structure of the covalent compound that contains one nitrogen atom

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Define strong nuclear force. strong nuclear force synonyms, strong nuclear force pronunciation, strong nuclear force translation, English dictionary definition of strong nuclear force. n. A residual effect of the strong interaction, mediated by mesons, and binding protons and neutrons together within atomic nuclei.

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Aug 16, 2007 · In the center of the atom, the strong force binds protons and neutrons tightly together forming the atom's nucleus. Electrons are found in the surrounding region, rapidly orbiting the nucleus. Electrons are found in the surrounding region, rapidly orbiting the nucleus.

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The positively charged protons in the nucleus of an atom have an electrostatic force pushing them apart. The other force within the nucleus, called the strong force, holds nucleons (protons and neutrons) together. If one proton were to encounter another, the electrostatic force pushing them apart

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However, they stay bound in a helium nucleus. Therefore there must be another force that holds them together. This is the strong nuclear force. It is an attractive force that only has an effect over a very short range in nucleus (about 10 –15 m - the size of the nucleus). The strong nuclear force binds protons and neutrons together to make ...

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Jan 15, 2013 · Protons would tend to separate from each other, but a strong force holds them together. The nuclear force that holds nucleons together is the energy obtained in nuclear fusion reactions. By breaking these force bonds, a loss of mass is experienced, which is converted into energy according to Albert Einstein 's theory: E = mc2

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The forces that "hold" the nucleus together are of interest only for sub-atomic particles and are not the forces that we are typically familiar with in chemistry. Electrostatic (Coulomb's law) would suggest that the potential energy of a He-4 nucleus would be higher than that of the separated particle since the positive protons should repel each other.

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What holds the nucleus together? This question has been at the heart of nuclear science since 1932 after James Chadwick’s discovery of the neutron, which showed that the nucleus is made from protons and neutrons. The argument goes like this.

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You might wonder what forces are working in the nucleus to hold or not hold the protons and neutrons together. There are THREE. The positive charges of the protons tend to force the protons apart. This is called the electromagnetic force. There is a more mysterious force called the “strong force” that attracts the protons to each other. This

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Jan 15, 2013 · Protons would tend to separate from each other, but a strong force holds them together. The nuclear force that holds nucleons together is the energy obtained in nuclear fusion reactions. By breaking these force bonds, a loss of mass is experienced, which is converted into energy according to Albert Einstein 's theory: E = mc2

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Oct 26, 2007 · However, nobody really knows what actually holds the nucleus of an atom together. Since nobody knows what holds it together, they just call it the strong nuclear force. Some people go as far to say that the laws of physics don't account for this phenomenon, and that God is the only one who holds it together.

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nucleus is held closely together by electromagnetic force. Protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of the atom. A cloud of electrons orbits the nucleus. The negatively charged electrons are bound to the nucleus, and zap around it in a cloud. Do you remember the cloud of gnats? The gnats would be the electrons zipping around you, the nucleus.
You couldn't pack silver's 47 protons together in the nucleus by themselves. They couldn't handle it; they'd rip themselves apart. So nuclei only clump together permanently when the right number of protons and neutrons get together. Silver needs about 60 neutrons to space out the 47 protons correctly. But it doesn't have to be 60.
Textbook solution for Chemistry: Matter and Change 1st Edition Dinah Zike Chapter 24.2 Problem 14SSC. We have step-by-step solutions for your textbooks written by Bartleby experts!
A: Protons have a positive charge. Note: Typically, positively charged particles would repel each other, but they are held together in the nucleus with a force called the strong atomic force. This is the strongest force in the universe. The other part of the nucleus is the neutron. Neutrons are about the same size as protons. The
May 17, 2008 · Fortunately, there's another force that's much stronger than the electromagnetic force at such short distances. It's called the "strong nuclear force" and it's an attractive force at nuclear...

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The nuclear force (or nucleon–nucleon interaction or residual strong force) is a force that acts between the protons and neutrons of atoms. Neutrons and protons, both nucleons, are affected by the nuclear force almost identically.
Found outside the nucleus of the atom, in the electron orbits/levels; each orbit/level can hold a maximum number of electrons ( 1st = 2, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 8 or 18, etc…) Move so rapidly around the nucleus that they create an electron cloud. Mass is insignificant when compared to protons and neutrons. Equal to the number of protons Aug 30, 2020 · The nucleus is held together by something called the binding energy. In most cases, elements like to have an equal number of protons and neutrons because this makes them the most stable. Stable atoms have a binding energy that is strong enough to hold the protons and neutrons together.